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"A bright light is not necessary, a taper is all one needs to live in strangeness."

That was my therapy, when I was depressed and sick. I’d read things like Malloy Dies by Beckett, or listen to Leonard Cohen, which would actually make it worse.

— Kurt Cobain

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For the past few days I have been finding something attractive about everything.

Samuel BeckettMalone Dies (via robcam-wfu)

From now on it will be different. I shall never do anything any more from now on but play. No, I must not begin with an exaggeration. But I shall play a great part of the time, from now on, the greater part, if I can.

Samuel BeckettMalone Dies (via robcam-wfu)

He who has waited long enough, will wait forever. And there comes the hour when nothing more can happen and nobody more can come and all is ended but the waiting that knows itself in vain.

— Samuel Beckett, Malone Dies (via heartisthedrum)

It is better to adopt the simplest explanation, even if it is not simple, even if it does not explain very much. A bright light is not necessary, a taper is all one needs to live in strangeness, if it faithfully burns.

Samuel Beckett, from Malone Dies (via litafficionado)

Nothing is more real than nothing.

— from Malone Dies (1951), by Samuel Beckett (via vintageanchorbooks)

Let me say before I go any further that I forgive nobody. I wish them all an atrocious life and then the fires and ice of hell and in the execrable generations to come an honoured name.

— Samuel Beckett — Malone Dies  (via ishii-hospital)

But what matter whether I was born or not, have lived or not, am dead or merely dying, I shall go on doing as I have always done, not knowing what it is I do, nor who I am, nor where I am, nor if I am.

— Samuel Beckett — Malone Dies (via ishii-hospital)

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